Top School Counseling Posts - 2023

Happy New Year, School Counselors!  

At the end of each year, I like to share the top 10 blog posts that people are reading from this blog.  Although I have not been able to write and share like I would like to each month, I love looking at what school counselors are interested in reading.  Over the last 11 years (yikes!), many of the posts have remained the same, but there were a couple of new posts that made it to the top 10.  I hope you will enjoy going back and checking these out! 


Duty to Warn: When Does It Apply When Informing Parents About Teenage Pregnancy

This can be a tough situation to negotiate with families, but school counselors who know the laws of the state in which they practices can negotiate this situation with confidence.  This blog posts discusses the ASCA ethical standards for informing parents and gives links to the laws of each state. 

Again, this post was written as a rant when I was working with a group of disgruntled counselors.  All they were doing was complaining about their students and had an extremely negative attitude (do you have any coworkers like that?).  My honest thought from listening to them wonder kids don't like their counselors.  


175 School Counseling Resources

I really loved putting this post together and it has a been very popular since it was written back when I first started my blog.  Everyone loves resources and this has been a great source for many school counselors.  I need to update it and post this year!!


This post has been popular for several years.  This post outlines what you can include in a student comfort kit for students who have self harming behaviors.


Coloring for Teens

  This post was written as coloring became a popular activity in the school counseling office.  In this post, I share a lot of resources and sites for obtaining coloring resources for your counseling office. 


 SI Resources for the Clueless School Counselor

Back on the list again this year is the post regarding self harm and the school counselor.  Gleaning from my own experiences, I wrote this post for the clueless school counselor.  


School Counselor Bucket List

This post has been popular since I wrote it back in 2015 and lists some interesting activities you should consider as a school counselor.  I always give out a list of activities and love to see how my students accomplish them over the year.  Actually, the kids come up with some new ones for me each year. Also, you can always make your own list and post it for others to see!!

 This is most controversial post that I have ever written...totally unintended.  It even made national news one time (sigh).  In this post,  I am acknowledging that we have students who self identify as a furry, therian, or otherkin and I give some tips, based on the research available at the time, on how school counselors may assist these students.    

Again, stinky teens will always be with us. This is can a very touchy subject and often falls on the school counselor to "handle."

 If you need help with students who have chronic hygiene issues, this post may help you with some strategies.


The Ultimate List of School Counseling Forms

It's back again.  #1 for the last couple of years!  Who doesn't love forms and this post definitely delivers!!  This post contains over 1000 school counseling forms!!!


Well, there you have it....the top 10 for 2023.  I hope to continue sharing new resources, ideas, and information with you in the future. 

Have a great 2024!!!