The Ultimate List of School Counselor Forms!

Hello, my name is Cindy and I am a formaholic!  

Whether electronic or traditional, I love forms of all kinds and I use them in various ways. For me forms keep me organized, help me keep accurate records, provide information to parents and students, assist in documenting meetings, and allow me to make referrals.  Because I have been a school counselor since (cough) 2000, I have accumulated and created lots of documents.  If you love forms as much as me, you will LOVE this blog post!!  Below, you will see original forms that I have created and borrowed from other schools and school counselors. In all, there are over 1000 forms available in this post. So, have fun modifying for your own use!

Academic Check In/Check Out  - From Carol Miller of The Middle School Counselor Blog.

Appointment to see the counselor

ASCA National Model Templates

Audit Sheet 

Coffee With the Counselor  - From Carol Miller TPT Store.

College Application Organizer for Students

College Cost Comparison

College Forms  - From Southington Public Schools, CT. (Includes request for transcripts).

College Organizer for Students

College Counselor Recommendation Questionnaire  - From Scituate High School, MA.

Communication and Marketing Planning for School Counselors

Community Service Form  - From Lehman High School, TX.

Community Service - From Sweetwater Union High School District.

Connect With the Counselor  - Example from Carol Miller of The Middle School Counselor.

Conference Documentation pdf

Conference Record

Contracts  - Free printable contracts of all types.  Includes educational contracts for students.

Counselor Activity Log  - Google form Exploring School Counseling Blog.

Counseling Brochure  - Example from Franciene Sabens of School Counselor Space Blog.

Counseling Documentation Calendar

Counseling Department Meeting Notes

Counseling Department Meeting Notes

Counselor Disclosure Sign (free)  - TPT from School Counseling Smart.

Counseling Forms  - Downloadable variety from The Helpful Counselor Blog.

Counseling Forms - Variety from Corner Canyon Counseling.  Particularly great resource for Licensed Professional Counselors.

Counseling Forms - Variety from Valdosta High School (over 400 forms & documents!).

Counseling Forms  - From Tracy Jackson's Livebinders of 125 school counseling binders!

Counseling Forms - Variety from Denver Public Schools.

Counseling Forms  - Variety from Lisa Counseling Connection.

Counseling Forms - Over 700 forms gathered on Pinterest by Bug Bosarge!

Counseling/Crisis Manual - Tuscon School District, AZ.

Counseling Monthly/Yearly Report

Counseling Needs Assessment

Counseling Newsletter  - Example from Franciene Sabens of School Counselor Space Blog.

Counseling Newsletter - Example from Carol Miller of The Middle School Counselor Blog.

Counseling Notes Google Form

Counseling Notes-Simple Form

Counseling Notes

Counseling Meeting Documentation Google Form

Conference Meeting Minutes

Counseling Referral Form

Counselor Time Task Analysis

Counseling Yearly Report

Data Templates  - From Karl Liedtka

Difference Between Preparing for Graduation & College

Difference Between Preparing for Graduation & the NCAA

Extracurricular Pledge Form  - Example from Franciene Sabens from School Counselor Space Blog.

GPA Calculator

GPA Calculator  - From Pikesville High School.

GPA Calculator Planner - From Pikesville High School.

Graduation Checklist 

Individual Planning Sheet (Great for advisement)

Informed Consent Brochure  - Kiowa County Schools, KS.

Miscellaneous Counseling Forms  - From Counselors' Cabinet (includes passes, signs, and other goodies).

NCAA Core GPA Worksheet

Needs Assessments  - From Karl Liedtka

Parent Brag Sheet  - From Scituate High School, MA.

Parent Communication Google Form

Parent Conference Reminder for Teachers  - From Carol Miller of The Middle School Counselor Blog.

Personalized Education Plan for Advisement

Plan of Study

Rising Senior Action Plan

Schedule Change Form  - From Scituate High School, MA.

Schedule Change - San Diego Unified Schools, CA.

Scholarship Award Form

School Counseling Brochure - Example from Carol Miller from The Middle School Counselor Blog

School Counseling Forms - From Christopher Sink's Website.

Senior Meeting Google Form

Senior Planning Booklet  - From Pikesville High School.

Signs  - Free printables from Technology Rocks.

Small Group Counseling Forms/Guide  - Missouri Comprehensive Counseling

Social Skills Worksheets

Student Request to See School Counselor  - TPT from Scrapbook of a School Counselor.  Although a middle school form, it would be great for 9th grade counselors!

Student Profile/Resume  - From Fairview High School, CO

Student Recommendation Form

Teachers As Advisors Forms  - West Virginia DOE

Teacher Recommendation Form  - From Scituate High School, MA.

Teacher Referral Form - From Fluvanna High School, VA.

Therapy Worksheets  - Forms from Therapy Worksheets Blog.

Trauma Forms  - From Portland Public Schools and includes letters to parents, worksheets, and resources.

If you are interested in creating your own Google forms, check out this presentation by Jeannie Maddox of Exploring School Counseling Blog and video by Jeff Ream, The Counseling Geek.