Back to School Virtual Summit

With school starting, parents often inundate school counselors with tons of questions about how to help their student to start the school year off successfully.  Often, counselors are so busy with schedule changes, classroom presentations, mini-crises, beginning of the year meetings that they often do not have the time to appropriately assist parents with their concerns.  Recently, I was asked to participate in a virtual Back to School Summit where parents can attend workshops for free from the comfort of home.  If you have parents who could benefit from this summit, please feel share this information .


The Back to School Summit is a virtual event during which over a dozen expert educators and teachers are going to share their insights and expertise with you!
This virtual summit is for parents of school aged children and teens that struggle with how to help their children perform better school.
The speakers featured in the Back to School Summit include professional educators, teachers, tutors, counselors, academic mentors, and parenting coaches. The topics of the summit range from study skills, reading comprehension, learning difficulties, and teacher-parent teamwork. All experts bring their years of experience in order to provide you with the best help possible for your child or teen.