How to Upgrade Your Presentations...Use Multimedia!

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is to watch music videos on You Tube or Vevo with my kids.  We enjoy listening to our favorite classics and making fun of those insane outfits and hairstyles.  I guess I enjoy watching music videos because it was a huge part of my teen years with the launch of something revolutionary called MTV or Music Television. Now for those of you who were not around in those days, MTV was the main source for music videos (VH1 did not exist until 1985) and it allowed me to experience hours of music nirvana. My parents would complain about my sister and I hanging in front of the television, but we were mesmerized by  this new form of entertainment. 

When MTV played music videos!

Okay, what does MTV and music videos have to do with this post?  Well, the point I am trying to make has to do with the importance of using multimedia in our school counseling presentations to engage our audience.  Not that I am advocating for using a music video in your Power Point or Prezi presentations; however, I am saying that multimedia can make the difference in keeping your audience's attention (just like it had me and my younger sister glued to the television for hours). 

Believe me, I am still a novice at presentations, but I want to share a simple tip that seems to work well in most presentations.  One of my strategies is to add multimedia clips, videos, or sounds that enhance my presentation and engage the audience.   Let me spell it out for the beginning of my presentation,  I will use a video that is lighthearted and fun to get the audience to laugh. Later in my presentation, I will incorporate clips that may be more serious or heavier in content (this is the meat of the presentation). At the end,  I always finish with a thought provoking video and provide a slide where they can receive more information.  

Grasshopper,  mastering a presentations takes practice!!
So, keeping it interesting can prevent your audience from checking their phones, walking out early, or engaging in conversations. Although I am still new at this multimedia stuff, I wanted to share some videos and clips that I have used in various staff, student, or parent presentations.  Following the clips, check out some tools you can use to perk up your presentations.

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                            My Video Vault             


AP Classes

Bullied People Who Overcame Adversity

What To Do If You Are Bullied?

Bystander Effect

Careers/College-The Majors of the Star War Characters

Cell Phones



Conflict Styles

How To Stop Cyberbullying?

 Digital Footprint

Decision Day

 Overcoming a Disability

Caution:  One graphic scene of the musician's finger tips being cut off by a machine.  Otherwise a great video of resilience and overcoming a disability!


 Effective Communication


What is FAFSA?


High School Tips for Freshmen

Point of video: Ask questions if you don't understand!

 Mental Health Stigma

Online Safety

 Peer Helping is not...

This is a good video of showing students why they must practice their skills.

Peer Mediation Process

Peer Pressure

Reach Higher


Self Harm


 Soft Skills-Communication

Soft Skills - Enthusiasm & Attitude

Soft Skills - Professionalism



Teen Brain

Teens & the Law-Attendance

Teens & the Law-Dress Code

Teens & the Law-Leaving Home

 Teens & the Law-Sexting

 Transition (Good for transition to college or high school)

Be an Upstander

Viral Trends

More Sources for Multimedia:

Movie Clips  - Find movie clips to use in your presentations and with your small groups.


Animoto - Customize your videos.
Audiopal  - Record your voice to insert in any presentation.
Cartoonize -Make a cartoon of yourself to post on presentations.

Clipgenerator - Create professional looking video clips.
Ez Tracks - Download music for presentations.
Go Animate - Make animated videos.
Magisto - Upload and edit videos.
My Brain Shark - Download and narrate your presentation.
Photoshow  - Add music to your photos to make a presentation.
Songza  - Search and listen to any band.
Tube Chop  - Great tool for cutting out parts of a video that you do not want to use.
Vcasmo - Create a video out of your slideshow.
Voicethread  - Add your voice to any presentation.
Wavesaur - Great source for adding music to presentations.
Wideo- Make free animated videos.

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