Twitter Chats for High School Counselors

I admit it...I love Twitter!  One of the reasons that I love Twitter so much is that I am able to contact to other school counselors across the globe.  How do I contact?  I join a series of monthly chats that involve some great school counselors and school counselor educators.  Below are the four chats that I currently participate in each month.  If you looking for a great professional development opportunity, please consider joining one of these great chats!

High School Counselor Chat - Second chat will be September 8th hosted by Amber Shepherd and Admittedly.
#HSCHAT August Transcript
School Counselor Chat - First Tuesday of each month.  Next chat will be October 7th.
  • September - SMART Goals
  • October- Q & A for graduate students hosted by Julia Taylor.
School Counselor Crowd - Next chat will be September 18th and will feature college admissions and financial aid counselors.  This chat is hosted by Ross Wolfson.

Principal-School Counselor Chat - First chat will be September 15th.