Peer Mediation

Association for Conflict Resolution Peer Mediation Standards

The Association for Conflict Resolution Standards established the peer mediation standards in 1996 for schools. A standard’s based program should be coordinated and organized by a trained and registered mediator.

The standards provide a template for:
  • Design and implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Developing curricula
  • Accessibility
  • Funding
  • Establishing programs
  • Professional development
  • Guidelines for research

Goals of Peer Mediation

·         To decrease violence and discipline problems in school by providing an alternative peaceful method for conflict resolution. The results of providing peer mediation in schools include: reducing the amount of time adults spend on disciplinary issues and decreasing in school and out of school suspensions for students.

·         To improve attitudes and behaviors regarding conflict, specifically: decreasing biases, increasing positive conflict strategies, and increasing positive attitudes toward addressing and dealing with conflict in non-violent ways.

·         To improve school climate, specifically through increasing cooperation and caring and increasing feelings of safety in school.

·         To improve academic achievement by increasing attendance rates, reducing absenteeism, and dropout rates.

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Peer Mediation Standards

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Peer Mediation Training

                                    Online Peer Mediation

Online Peer Mediation Platform
$38,500 per year for two years to fund the development and launch of a comprehensive online peer mediation website, enabling children aged 10-18 to learn about, participate, receive mentoring in, and share their experiences with peer mediation.

Based on the increasing prevalence of online public education and growing preference for technology-supported communications, the online platform will be designed to serve students in a variety of settings, including conventional school peer mediation programs, charter and cyber-schools, as well as programs sponsored through community groups, recreation centers, boys and girls clubs, and other interested organizations.

The comprehensive web-based platform will include several interactive components, including a clearinghouse of peer mediation information and resources, online peer mediation training, skills assessment for trained peer mediators, and a platform for conducting online peer mediation sessions..

What is Online Peer Mediation? 

Resources for Peer Mediation Programs