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NAPPP Summer Institute: How to Train Peer Helpers, Enhance Existing Peer Programs, Evaluate Peer Programs, and Become a Trainer of Peer Program Adults 

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National Association of Peer Program Professionals - National professional organization that trains and certifies educators in peer helping.
Natural Helpers - National organization that trains students to help other students.
No Place for Hate - Organization that trains students to recognize bullying and bias in schools.

NOYS  - Organization committed to saving lives, preventing injuries, and promoting safe and healthy lifestyles among youth.
PALS - Nationally recognized evidence based program that trains students to use their potential to make a difference in the lives of their peers.
Peer Resources - Changing schools by training students in leadership.
SADD - National organization that educates peers to help other peers against destructive decisions. SADD will help schools establish a chapter and provide them with free resources.
SAVE - National organization committed to student safety by using positive peer influences. 
Sources of Strength - The purpose of this organization is to provide suicide, violence, and substance abuse training to peer leaders and caring adults.
Teens in the Driver Seat - A peer to peer safety organization that uses youth to educate their peers about safe driving.  


National Peer Helping Blog - Informative blog from NAPPP.

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Peer Helper Programs
Baldwin County Schools Peer Helping - Resources and information on establishing peer helping programs in middle and high schools.
Broward County Schools Peer Counseling - Resources and information on establishing peer counseling in middle and high schools.
Inside-Out Peer Helping - Peer Program at Roseville High School by Teacher of the Year, Valerie Erb.

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Peer Recognition Webinar 
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